2017 filing deadline is

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PRICE FREEZE: If your standard tax return has not substantially changed you will pay last years posted fee

REVIEW ASSISTANCE: Should Revenue Canada perform areview, we will assist you inpreparing andsending the requested information.

REVENUE CANADA ACCOUNT ACCESS: This allows us to see all your Income tax information, current and past including your Notice ofAssessments.

RRSP ESTIMATES: If you require anestimate of your tax return to purchase RRSP's, stop in and we will take care of it for you.

T1 ADJUSTMENTS: Get a 25% discount on current orprior year adjustments.

DOCUMENT PRINTING: If you need acopy of your Retum, Notice of Assessment. Stop in and we will print them for you.

SUPPLEMENT FORMS: We can help fill out the Income Form for Old Age GIS.

REVENUE CANADA FORMS: If you need a Revenue Canada Form printed such as Disability Tax Credit, let us know and we can print it for you.

FAX REVENUE CANADA: Should you need something faxed toRevenue Canada through out the year, bring it In and we will send it off for you.

Singles rate 24.95 Couples rate 39.95*

Low income 14.95 **| Low Income senior rate 14,95***

Student rate 14.95****

Must be filing for spouse as well*

Single person with income under the basic persona! amount**

Low income seniors with Income under 20,000.00***

Fulltime students with atleast 4 months tuition and under basic amount****

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