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At Tax Town we realize that just as every business is different, so are the bookkeeping needs that those business require.  That is why we offer a wide range of bookkeeping services to meet the individual needs of our clients.  We can provide our clients with a full bookkeeping service or we can design a range of services that is tailored to meet their unique needs, all at a very reasonable cost to you.  Our services start as low as $30 per week.

Basic Bookkeeping   

    We will track your income & expenses for you so that you can easily see your profit/loss, and this will also allow you to see where your money is being spent.  This service is offered on a weekly, biweekly and monthly basis depending on the company and their individual requirements.  


Administering Accounts Payable  

No time for writing cheques and remembering who you owe and when it is due, then this service is for you.  We will track all of your aged accounts payable and print the cheques for you.


Administering Accounts Receivable 

Would you like to be able to send out professional invoices but don’t have the time to create them, then we can help.  We can print your detailed invoices, create client statements, track your aged accounts receivables and calculate interest on overdue accounts.


Bank Reconciliation

With this service, when you bring in your bank statement, we can be sure to record any bank charges and interest that you have been charged and we can keep the book balance and bank balance aligned by recording all deposits, withdrawals and cheques that have cleared.

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